The Boughton's Coffee House Team are always happy to help

The aim of Boughton’s Coffee House is to bring everyone from the world of coffee together in a community that shares ideas, innovations and industry insight to help businesses to grow. Through the pages of the bi-monthly publication, website and partnerships with key events around the country, we bring together like-minded individuals who understand the huge potential of the cafe community on our high streets.

Targeted at everyone from independent cafe operators through to artisan roasters, suppliers and employees, we share the tips, tricks and strategies that can help to grow businesses. All our contributors are working at the coal face of the industry, running cafes and coffee shops, launching products or redefining how to run a business – from branching out to build a multi-site operation to changing a business model to be greener and leaner.

Boughton’s has something for everyone – from start-ups to stalwarts. With access to experts from every field within the industry, from tasters to legislators, award-winning barsitas to pioneers of the coffee world – it’s refreshing to know that in Boughton’s it’s all about sharing. The community that we are working to build is based on a mutual passion and a willingness to share the ideas and information that have created these success stories.

So why not let Boughton’s Cafe Community become part of YOUR success story!

Anita Comerford
Group Editor
Email me
0151 632 7641
Jennie Milsom
Email me
Gareth Evans
Art Editor
Email me
0151 632 7669
Rachel Pygott
Digital Communications Executive
Email me
0151 632 7618
07771 964 511
Sue Thompson
Customer Relations and Subscription Manager
Email me
0151 632 7637
07739 216 976
Dean Brown
Media Sales Manager
Email me
01603 733388
07896 496981
Alison Wigg
Media Sales Consultant
Email me
01603 733384
07973 944 940
Heather Borrett
Media Sales Consultant
Email me
07932 834207
Angela Thornby-Burt
Media Sales Consultant
Email me
07834 255947
Simon Jones
Media Sales Consultant
Email me
07802 409516
Steve Hatch
Event Sales Manager
Email me
07739 216973
Richard Woolliams
Business Development Director
Email me
0151 632 7652
07903 700 485

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