Boughton's issue 128 is now live!

Fri 3rd July 2020
News, Events, Trends

Welcome to issue 128 of Boughton’s Coffee House. Spring is round the corner and there is a sense of optimism in the air as we begin to navigate the route out of lockdown and plans are put in place for a return to regular life on the high street.

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While many businesses have continued to operate with limited takeaway services and various other innovations to meet the challenges of lockdown, we must not forget that Covid-19 has taken a serious toll on our mental health and well-being. In our cover story, we speak to The Gentlemen Baristas about their work with charities and mental health support and how good manners can help!

In our main feature this month – Moving on – we look at alternative career options. Whether you have lost your job or are ready for change, there are lots of areas in the world of coffee that may be the perfect fit for your skill set. 

Another knock-on effect of recent months has been a growing interest in health and well-being. Sue Quinn reveals the latest developments in the decaf coffee market that is changing perceptions of its quality and flavour in Decaf gets its buzz back while in Magic mushrooms Amy Pay reveals why the unlikely combination of mushrooms and coffee is opening up a whole new world of possibilities in matching coffee to your customers’ health requirements. 

We hope you enjoy the issue!

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